About EduSuggest

Department of Education(S) has launched a website edusuggest.in to provide a platform to all the stakeholders of Education for interaction with the Hon’ble Minister (Education), Manipur.

This has been aimed at enhancing the rapport between the public and the Department. The purpose of this e-interaction is not only to provide an efficient system of grievance redressal, but also to open an unrestricted, open, hassle free feedback system to the Government. The grievances would be resolved in a time bound manner and the feedback would be used in formulating education policies and programmes.

The contributors to complaints and suggestions will first get an acknowledgement through SMS / Email that their complaint / suggestion has been received. The Education Department’s dedicated team of professionals working directly under the Education Minister will collect the response and send the same in a time bound manner, again through SMS / Email. The complaints / suggestions will be monitored at the highest level for redressal of the grievances as well as for inputs in policy formulation.